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    A look at some of our fun events

    Skinny Dip 2016 at VVRC

    Every year, Valley View Recreation Club participates in the Skinny Dip event in July. This year we had over 70 people in the pool. Check our Events Calendar above for the date, and come out and take the plunge with us!
    Skinny Dip 2016  


    We had a visit from friends, who came here to sing just one song. Elvira and Ken were quite a hit! Think you can guess what song they sang? Two of our members did a great job with their costumes and make-up, & even sounded great!
    Elvira_Ken Elvira_Ken1

    Karaoke and DJ NightsSing

    All season long, we have karaoke just about every other week on Saturday nights. This is always a fun time, when EVERYONE (yes you too, if you want to!) gets a chance to show off what they've been practicing in the shower. Some days, you'll be amazed by some of our singers! Check out our Calendar of Events for dates and times.

    Nude Olympics

    If you really want to have some fun, and possibly win a medal too, you must participate in our Nude Olympics. Held every year on the Labor Day weekend, there are fun and unusual events, like Noodle Toss, Dress-Up relay race (girls dress like guys and vice-versa), Ping-Pong balls in cups, and many more. This is one weekend you don't want to miss!

    Games and Dinners

    We have a variety of games that are usually scheduled on Saturdays.  You can participate in the Ladder Ball Tournament, Yard Yahtzee, the Whiffle Ball Tournament, Trivia Tournament, or just organize a basketball or volleyball game. On the days when there are no tournaments, you can schedule your own mini-tournaments with your friends and other guests.
    Throughout the season, there are several dinners planned, and there may even be impromptu snack-and-beverage days.
    We hope you'll never be bored - or hungry - at VVRC!


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